Telephone Health Advisory Service

Riverside Court Medical Clinic and Lancaster Medical Clinic have Urgent Care appointments Monday through Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings.  If you need to book urgent care, please call your family doctor’s office.

The Saturday urgent care clinics have been extended. Urgent care is available in the afternoon too as of July 2nd

Saturday Urgent Care appointments are located only at Riverside Court Medical Clinic. If you’re a Lancaster Medical Clinic patient and need to see the urgent care family doctor, please call Riverside Court Medical Clinic to schedule an appointment.

If you require urgent consultation outside clinic hours, you can call the Telephone Health Advisory Service (THAS) listed below:

Telephone Health Advisory Service 


This service is only available to patients who are rostered to a Family Health Team.

The Telephone Health Advisory Service is a Ministry of Health and Long Term Care initiative aimed at improving access to primary health care services for Ontario residents enrolled with a Family Health Team.

Hours of Operation (THAS)

You can call the Telephone Health Advisory Service:

  • Mondays through Fridays from 5:00 pm to 9:00 am
  • Weekends from 5:00 pm Friday to 9:00 am Mondays
  • 24 hours a day on recognized holidays

Professional Advice

When you call the Telephone Health Advisory Service you will be:

  • Connected to a nurse who will verify that you are enrolled with Rideau Family Health Team
  • Asked a series of questions to assess your health concerns
  • Provided with health care advice so that you can manage your care at home and/or be advised to see your doctor or nurse practitioner within a few days.

Depending on your symptoms, the nurse may advise you to go to the nearest emergency department.

With your consent, the nurse will send information to your health care provider about your call to the Telephone Health Advisory Service.