Services Not Covered By OHIP


Medical Services:

  • Cosmetic procedures i.e.: removal of warts, age spots or skin tags
  • Travel medicine advice and services for travelling outside of Canada
  • Examinations/diagnostic tests requested by employers, insurance companies, government agencies, etc.
  • Pre-adoption examinations
  • Prescription renewals for non-rostered patients
  • Any routine office visit without a valid OHIP card

Completion of Forms and Medical Records:

  • Completion of work and school related forms/notes i.e.: sick or back to work notes, admission to day care/schools/recreational, employer requested reports/forms
  • Medical/legal reports
  • Federal government forms
  • Certificates for the purpose of travel, employment, etc.
  • Driver’s/aviation medical exam and other licensing forms/certificates
  • Insurance forms, reports and certificates i.e.: disability certificate, treatment plan, insurance medical examination reports

Administrative Services:

  • Copying medical records, reports and letters at the patient’s request
  • Transfer or summary of medical records at the patient’s request
  • Missed appointments without sufficient notice


  • Prescription renewals through a pharmacy request
  • Renewal requests for Registered Massage Therapy, Physiotherapy, Counselling or other Complementary services

Please speak with your provider if you have any questions.