Prescription Renewal Requests

Prescription renewals are appropriate in cases where you have taken the medication before. Typically, your doctor will provide a specific amount of medication which will last until your next anticipated appointment. Please ask your physician about any renewals during your appointment, as this is the optimal way to ensure you have enough medication.

How to renew your prescription without an appointment

Our preferred method of prescription renewals is by fax from your pharmacy. Please call your pharmacy and have them fax a Prescription Renewal Request to your doctor’s office. 

  • Riverside Court Medical Clinic 613-739-9845
  • Allied/Annex Health Clinic 613-526-4813
  • Lancaster Medical Clinic 613-738-2736

Your physician will review your chart and either fax the renewal back to the pharmacy or request a follow-up appointment before renewing your prescription, in which case you will be contacted to set up an appointment.

If you run out of medication

  • Please do not wait until you are almost out of medications before you call.
  • If you run out of medication before we are able to fulfill the request, please discuss with your pharmacist an emergency renewal in the interim.

Non-OHIP Services

  • Prescription renewals requested through your pharmacy are not covered by OHIP and
  • Renewal requests for Registered Massage Therapy, Physiotherapy, Counselling or other Complementary services are at the discretion of the attending physician and are not covered by OHIP. A charge may be applied.

To learn more about services not covered by OHIP, click here.